Nespresso: Using digital to improve B2B AND consumer experience

Taking a look into Nespresso’s digital transformation starting in 2012, one can truly appreciate the possibilities of a model that is truly revolutionary and is redefining how business is conducted in the new digital era.  Not only have they made purchasing their coffee a truly satisfying experience for everyday consumers through their smartphone app, they have also applied foolproof digital strategies aimed at acquiring, as well as retaining, B2B clients.  Nespresso’s ability and willingness to implement their vision puts them in a league of their own.  By improving both the B2B and retail areas of sales with digital soutions they have positioned themselves as a leader in their field.

Retail customer applications

Nespresso’s app has a feature called ‘Your Time’ which allows their users to order their favorite coffee directly from their smartphone wherever they are, and have it delivered within a 2 hour window.  Furthermore, Nespresso addresses environmental concerns raised by single serve coffee cups, by finding your location and mapping recycling points in your area.

B2B applications

In addition to the improvement in consumer experience, Nespresso is also going digital in the area of B2B with client oriented solutions.  One of these solutions was the introduction of the first connected tabletop coffee machines utilizing a cloud platform.

The mind behind these coffee machines, Orange Business Services, describes the machine to machine solution rather precisely-

“These models use embedded SIM cards from Orange that enable the machines to communicate with the Nespresso Customer Relationship Centres. This two-way communication enables remote machine diagnostic and preventative maintenance visits can be scheduled as required.”  

The ability for theses machines to predict issues BEFORE they happen and schedule the necessary maintenance without human interaction is potentially saving every Nespresso client thousands of dollars in lost sales that would result in an extended period without coffee.

“The applications remotely retrieve operational and performance data from each machine, keep track of descaling and other maintenance procedures, and alert technical staff if servicing is required. The applications can also be used to remotely adjust the equipment settings, such as water temperature and pressure.” –Sierra Wireless Press Release

In addition, this service frees up employees and owners to focus on customers, instead of wasting time trying to fix the machine themselves in an attempt to save a buck.


Breaking new ground in the digital world

With attractive digital solutions like these, visionary companies like Nespresso will continue to set themselves apart from competitors, and make their services invaluable to clients and consumers alike.  Continuing to break new ground in the digital world will also keep them ahead of the curve, so while their competitors are constantly trying to catch up, they will be in position to move onto the next technology, ensuring their spot at the head of the pack.


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